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‘Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est’ – This recap contains spoilers!

Hey, Meathead! (“Do not call me this”). Orphan Black gave us an episode this week that felt much more like Season 1. It had the good little comedy moments that I loved, Helena’s obsession with food, and Felix’s attempt to get lucky with Colin once again.

The Ukrainian’s interactions with Felix and Art were pretty hilarious. It just goes to show how complicated and deep the story is when you realise that certain characters hadn’t met each other until this point.
orphan-black-series-2-episode-5-01The sight of Gracie’s lips and the coldness of her Christian family was difficult to watch. I can certainly understand the pressure on her and why she tried to kill Helena, but I’m bloody glad that she didn’t. I wonder if maybe she’ll join the clone’s side later on. That’s if she doesn’t end up carrying the clone’s child; a fate that I don’t think would end very well for her.

Paul is now Rachel’s monitor and almost became target practice for Helena…who seems to be becoming the lead character at the moment. It would have been a waste not to use her properly in this series and I care about her a great deal more than I care about Sarah. A scene between the twins was the highlight once again, with them both coming to an understanding. The scene with the juxtaposition of sex between Rachel and Paul and Helena as a sniper was full of dramatic tension. “You only want to use me,” Helena whispered nastily as heartwarming music played. It was just fantastic television.

Bribing Sarah with Felix’s arrest was a great plot twist, moving things along much more quickly than the previous episode. We needed to see that Rachel really meant business, at the same time that Helena wanted to go on a rampage. This is definitely an episode to re-watch for the fun moments and epic twists.


Tune in to episode six on BBC Three next Wednesday the 4th of June at 10pm.

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