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Orphan Black Series 2, Episode 4 Recap

Orphan Black Series 2, Episode 4 Recap

‘Governed As It Were By Chance’  – This recap contains spoilers!

As soon as Daniel resurrected himself from that car crash, I knew that he was still a goner. Although we barely scratched the surface of his character, Rachel and Leekie are the main forces we need to make room for. Regardless, Rachel’s sidekick got a pretty awesome and memorable death in this week’s episode.

Sarah’s tied to the shower and we hear soothing jazz music, interrupted suddenly by Helena’s theme. The acting that follows is shockingly brilliant. You wouldn’t believe that you were watching the same actress playing out both parts.
orphan-black-series-2-01Everyone’s favourite psycho clone has escaped the Christians and saved her ‘Sistra’ from an untimely death. Oh, sister love. That was absolutely my favourite scene in the episode, closely followed by the whole sequence of Helena escaping. Surely no one believed that a pillow would be her undoing. This woman is fierce and a clear fan favourite. The imagery of her running through the fields in a wedding dress will stay with me for a long time because it represents the complete madness of the series.

Meanwhile Allison has woken up in what she assumes is Leekie’s Dyad initiative. It’s unsettling to see her feel so scared and threatened by her husband. The control freak within her is coming back out and it could spell trouble for the rest of the clones. I always enjoy her scenes with Felix and at least there was a bit of assurance as the conversation between them was very tender. Kira and her father also got to spend some quality time together, although it’s not that interesting and thankfully doesn’t take up much of the episode.

The scenes with Mrs. S didn’t feel entirely necessary, although it was nice to see a different side to her personality. Cosima’s illness takes a frustrating backseat once again, but it makes room for all the Helena awesomeness that follows, so it’s forgiven. Sarah didn’t even get to shine until the last ten minutes when she breaks into Rachel’s flat. Hopefully the ‘Sistra’ will stay together for a bit now and have some good scenes together.

We also learnt in this episode that Rachel’s adoptive parents were behind ‘project leader’ and were later killed in a lab explosion. I’m hoping that we might get a Rachel flashback, to make up for the fact that we didn’t see her until the end of the last series. There’s more to her than being a ‘Pro Clone’.


Tune in to the fifth episode of series 2 next week on BBC Three at 10pm.

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