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Having moved to England from Pakistan to find a better life for him and his family, Muhammad Shahid Nazir had become a Youtube sensation.  A by-passer of a fish stall in London recorded Muhammad using his unique selling technique to sell his products, uploaded it to youtube, and now he just may be Christmas number one.

In a world where the Christmas number one has become a parade of manufactured pop acts and media controlled re-releases it is no wonder that our high runner is a novelty market song. The One Pound Fish video see’s Muhammad surrounded by dancing ladies as he hops to famous places around London. Packed full of novelty stuffed fish, belly dancing confetti and pretty much every other generic pop video cliché, this is a basic bish-bash-bosh and Bob’s your uncle jobby, just so £1 Fish Man can have his video.

The questions is, will it be your Christmas number 1?

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