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One Kiss Ends It All – Saturday Looks Good To Me

One Kiss Ends It All – Saturday Looks Good To Me

Saturday-Looks-Good-To-Me-One-Kiss-Ends-It-All-608x608Released: 2013

Saturday Looks Good To Me have been around for a decade, with numerous line up changes and shifts in their sounds. But for me, they have found the perfect sound in One Kiss Ends It All, which has become an amalgamation of band members new and old to create this breezy, indie-pop album.

If you love music that sounds a little bit different to the conventional pop music this is the album for you. With quirky sounding lyrics and melodies not out of place in indie bars everywhere (also any Topshop store, which was my immediate impression). With the album release set at 21st May this is a perfect summer soundtrack.

This type of music is not my usual genre choice, but the first thing that struck me about this album is how easy it was to listen to (all the way through, three times!). The melodies are soft and dreamlike, the bands press release description of the music being like “re-telling the details of a dream minutes after waking” is accurate and captivating. The melodies are happy and upbeat throughout, with exceptions in Are you Kissing anyone? and Johnny which slow down the tone of the album, and are a bit more thoughtful and melancholic but still staying true to the sound of the album bringing in almost a sixties feel with the backing music.

One Kiss Ends It All has something for every person, and every mood. The upbeat, bright melodies in this album are the perfect accompaniment to wiling away the hours sitting in the sunshine. Similarly, there are a few slower songs for when you want to unwind.

Every song is completely different in tempo and although it shouldn’t all work together, it really does. The album flows perfectly from one song to the next, feeling like the singers are telling you a long story. The two leads sound great together, and the mix of male and female vocals harmonise perfectly. If I had to pick a favourite song it would be Break in – there’s so much going on vocally and instrumentally making it really energetic, and the saxophone adds a jazzy feel to the song.

Even if this is not your usual type of music, this album is something different and a bit special. I would definitely recommend you give it a try!


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