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This title is the byline for photographic duo ‘Cat and Shark’, a creative initiative by Brighton couple Chris Robinson and Victoria Roper.


An understated sense of cool is evident in their photographic collection, often with an ethereal and otherworldly feel taking precedence over painstakingly constructing ‘the perfect shot.’

Seemingly incorporating the lomographic motto, ‘shoot from the hip’, these two never seem to be without a camera in their hands. The element of chance enters the equation by them only ever shooting on film, developing it in the secret confines of their bathroom and scanning the results themselves, at home. These guys truly seem to encapsulate what organic lifestyle photography is all about.


From documenting their daily environment, to capturing moments that seem to elude others, this is a collective that you champion from the get-go.

The range of material is quite staggering, given that they currently both hold down full-time jobs, but through their charming use of colour and natural sense of aesthetic, they tap into something that is at once both sweetly nostalgic and achingly melancholic; making you want to keep going back for more.


Their documentation of such arguable non-events – elderly ladies crossing roads or dogs sat at strangers’ feet – openly displays their working ethos; of identifying the simple beauty in the apparently mediocre.

This is not simply a project about things that they do, but rather who they are, as people.


To hire these guys for a shoot, buy their beautiful zine, or to simply to give them a virtual pat on the back, why not message them on either of these:



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