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Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 7 Review

Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 7 Review


So after six episodes of teasing the Evil Queen finally does something tonight, and while it is quite an evil plan she puts together, the events leading up to it feel like total filler. The Evil Queen threatens to kill everyone in Storybrooke unless Snow and Charming surrender to her, leading the pair to undergo a quest for some magical sapling of true love that might protect them. In flashback the real first meeting between the pair is revealed.

The flashback content is particularly weak, essentially rehashing the same old story about Snow gaining inspiration to fight against the Queen, while revealing that she helped to save Charming’s farm and neither of them knew. The Woodcutter is also quite a lame villain of the week, barely being menacing enough to pose a threat. It has long felt like the flashbacks were just the show’s way of filling time and it hasn’t helped by them repeating themselves over and over.once-upon-a-time-still-01Speaking of repetition, there is little in this episode that feels particularly new – something that has been plaguing the show all season. The slightly gross romance between Rumpelstiltskin and The Evil Queen continues to play out, with the heroes and Zelina now aware of their relationship. There’s a hint of Zelina potentially betraying her sister’s evil alter ego that I’m sure will come into play down the line but for now is little more than her going a bit green.

The Evil Queen’s final ploy is actually quite cruel, feeling like it truly hurts Snow in particular without going as far as to have her kill someone off – not that that is exactly permanent on this show. On the whole, while it still feels like we’re waiting to see The Evil Queen’s ultimate plan, at least this week she actually does something. The show needs to stop this stalling tactic before people give up entirely.


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