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Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 6 Review

Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 6 Review

‘Dark Waters’

This week’s episode is centred on Hook, focusing on the guilt he feels over killing his father in the past and keeping the Shears of Destiny in the present. Meanwhile Captain Nemo, another migrant from the Land of Untold Stories, makes his first appearance and Emma tries to convince Aladdin to be a hero.

The Hook storyline is a bit thin this week, his flashback involving Nemo’s hunt for a gateway to the Land of Untold Stories amounts to very little; whilst his present day actions mostly involve some bonding with Henry. Henry begins the episode suddenly mistrustful of Hook, carrying on as a whiny brat throughout. An episode like this should give new insight into Hook, however it simply resolves newly created drama about Hook not feeling like a part of Emma’s family.

Hook’s flashbacks bring back elements of his backstory that the show hasn’t brought up in years (and which I’d frankly forgotten about) in an attempt to give reason to Nemo’s sudden inclusion in the story. So far the Untold Stories characters have been disappointing, simply slotting into the stories of existing characters and adding little to the overall plot. Nemo is much the same, which is disappointing as Faran Tahir seems an interesting choice for the character. At least the effects of the submarine are quite effective and the set design for the interiors is well done. However, the Untold Stories characters still seem like a random addition.once-upon-a-time-season-6-episode-6-2The Aladdin plotline is another that seems to be going nowhere. Emma is able to rally Aladdin to be a hero this week, with little explanation really being given for his change of heart. Jasmine then tells Aladdin that Agrabah is gone, after searching for Aladdin to save it. So far this season’s narrative is feeling incredibly disjointed and it’s difficult to see how Agrabah and The Land of Untold Stories fit into the Evil Queen’s plan, if she even has one.

The Evil Queen continues to feel aimless; her scenes this week mostly involve her gloating about how she is winning, but what is she actually winning? All she has done for the last six episodes is mildly annoy the cast and then look smug. The final scene ends with the promise of a team up between her and Rumpel, who will hopefully bring some direction to her plotline.