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Following their RnB influenced debut single ‘Girl in Green’, Middlesbrough duo Moon Wax are back with another stunning release this month. Crafted during the build-up to summer time, ‘Sayonara’ is a funky and upbeat single that immediately lifts spirits, encompassing sunshine and warm weather – the perfect anthem to listen to as we’re lifted out of lockdown.

Core members Robb Maynard and Billy Smith, who have played together in live outfits for years, use their shared musical experience and understanding to produce experimental tracks inspired by everything from old school jazz and RnB, to 90s funk and house. The duo’s impeccable ability to collaborate with artists from all musical genres makes each of their creations fresh and unique.

Moon Wax’s upcoming single began as a small idea, dreamt up by Billy during lockdown. It was then brought to the table in one of the duo’s first sessions back together; the potential of this particular beat was immediately clear to Robb, and ‘Sayonara’ developed from there. The strong bass lines and bouncy synth blend seamlessly with the vibrant guitar motifs and slapping drum line.

Inspired by John Mayer and Cory Wong, Moon Wax take simple patterns and develop them to create the skilful synthesis of groove and 90s funk that make ‘Sayonara’ so enthralling. The female vocals from Moon Wax’s good friend Liz Robson add depth and pleasurable harmonies, whilst the guitar riff adds an interesting element of soul and raw emotion. The intricate layering and well-rounded production of ‘Sayonara’ is a clear example of Moon Wax’s meticulous attention to detail.

Overall, ‘Sayonara’ seems to be the perfect soundtrack to enjoy as we are eased out of lockdown and into a much-needed summer. Moon Wax’s first-rate musical talent and ability to combine multiple genres seamlessly together are clear; quite rightly, the duo are making an impressive name for themselves.

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Stream the new single ‘Sayonara‘ on all platforms here.

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