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Magmar_Electabuzz-Pokemon-X-and-YEarlier this week, The Pokémon Company International unveiled a special Easter Promotion full of new and exciting Pokémon related treats, including two new free playable characters for owners of the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games, along with an XY expansion pack for the Pokémon Trading card game.

Beginning tomorrow on April 4th and running for a limited time only, this promotion will see the return to two original Pokémon characters that first appeared in the early Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue versions of the video game. For trainers currently playing Pokémon X they will receive Magmar, and those playing Pokémon Y will receive Electabuzz. In addition, each of these characters come with their own special bonus item – the Magmarizer for Magmar and the Electirizer for Electabuzz. In order to collect these new playable characters, all players have to do is go to any GAME UK store, and ask for a Pokémon promotional code. These codes will be printed out on cash receipts upon request, with no purchase necessary.

Not to be left out, fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game will be able to pick up their own free Pokémon TCG: XY sample pack, with all packs including one random card from the new Pokémon TCG: XY expansion along with a special foil Pikachu card. These sample packs are once again available in store with no purchase necessary, and only while stocks last.


Not content with just handing out free goodies, The Pokémon Company International will also be rolling out a TV campaign showcasing the ins and outs of the Pokémon universe, and demonstrating how the video games and trading card games are all connected and part of the same world. These can be viewed throughout April on CiTV, Cartoon Network, Disney XD and Sky Kids.

For more information on this Easter Promotion or about Pokémon in general, be sure to visit the official Pokémon website, or check them out over at the Pokémon Facebook Page.

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