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Forget about Fast and Furious. The only automobile carnage based movie you need to see in 2015 is Mad Max: Fury Road. After a string of short snippets and TV spots, Warner Bros. have just dropped a brand new full length trailer and… well, there are simply no words other than… WOW!

Despite its many reshoots, delays and rumours of production troubles (all of which would give anyone multiple causes for concern), every single piece of footage that we’ve seen so far has been nothing short of mind blowing. From the visuals to the insane practical stunts and more, it seems that original Mad Max architect George Miller has thrown in the kitchen sink and then some with this latest movie.

As well as showcasing some more of the grandstanding epic stunts and carnage, this new trailer also gives us a brief look into the story of the film, which finds Tom Hardy’s ‘Mad’ Max Rockastansky wandering alone amidst a desolate landscape in the aftermath of his family’s death. He’s soon swept up with a group, led by Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa, as they traverse a hostile wasteland, escaping the clutches of the tyrannical Immortan Joe.

But really, the story is merely an impetus for all sorts of carnage and hordes of automobile based destruction.

Mad Max: Fury Road hits cinemas on May 14th. Far too long a wait in my opinion.

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