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With the launch of the new Mario Golf: World Tour soon upon us, dropping May 2nd for the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS, Nintendo has revealed more details about the upcoming game, unveiling that there will be a trio of DLC packs available to players, almost doubling the amount of game content.


Fans of the franchise will be able to play through 126 new holes, spanning 10 separate courses, participate in regional and worldwide tournaments, and explore the extensive multiplayer modes, all within the main Mario Golf: World Tour game. For those who want even more golfing goodness, the new DLC packs will contain a total of 108 additional downloadable holes and a new playable Mushroom Kingdom golfer within each pack.

Players will receive two new 18-hole courses per DLC, along with a playable Toadette within the Mushroom Pack available on launch day May 2nd, Nabbit within the Flower Pack available later in May, and Rosalina in the Star Pack launching in June.


If you’re unsure about whether to buy the downloadable content, Nintendo once again has you covered. Players will be offered the chance to play in trial tournaments, where you will be able to sample each of the new courses before making your decision. Once ready to purchase, players will find the DLC available for £5.39 at Toads Booth, in the games main menu.

A special three-pack set will also be available, for those who want to buy all three DLC. This pack will also be available at Toad’s Booth, for a discounted price between May 2nd and May 31st for just £10.79. Players who purchase this set will not only receive the three DLC packs, as each becomes available, but will also gain access to a special Gold Mario playable character, which has a special Golden Flower shot that gains coins for every yard it travels.

Fans can pre-order Mario Golf: World Tour now, receiving a free Mario hat with each order via the Nintendo UK Store. For any further details about this game please visit the Mario Golf: World Tour website.

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