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jet-setter-never-had-it-so-goodReleased: April 2015

Last month saw the release of the debut EP from Dublin based indie rockers Jet Setter. The six-track offering, Never Had It So Good, was recorded in a mere two days – highly productive, as you can imagine – at Meadow Studios with Rian Trench.

The indie-rockers cite influences among the likes of The Replacements, The Clean and The Stooges, and among all the online hype they’ve managed to drum up, there are some big comparisons for them – it’s no surprise then, that Never Had It So Good is polished, cool and catchy.

The songs were pieced together over the preceding months by cribbing ideas from records, films and books. The EP is twenty minutes of glorious alternative rock guitar music.

Never Had it So Good kicks off with the ever so palatable Archipelago; close your eyes and you can hear U2’s City of Blinding Lights lurking in the background of the song. The guitar work is stellar with an undoubted Edge like guitar. The song is filled with energy and very radio friendly; it has a nice build to the chorus and a great payoff sonically.

The fourth track, Truth of Life, is the best of the lot. It’s an exciting song that manages to combine the youth and coolness of pop punk with the thoughtfulness and intensity of indie rock. It’s short, snappy and highly addictive.

Jet Setter blends vaguely familiar musical snippets to their fresh stylings making for some noteworthy music. Given more time in the studio and a full length format it will be interesting to see what they will go on to create.

This EP is the perfect antidote for music listeners who simply want to hear songs with really great classical song structure and awesome guitar. It’s the formula that made Oasis so massive and it’s the formula Catfish and the Bottlemen have grabbed by the horns. Could Jet Setter be next? Keep an eye out.


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