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The inseparable band that is Us Baby Bear Bones are finally going to release their highly anticipated debut EP, What starts with a U ends with an I, on the 10th June 2013 via Brighton indie label Love Thy Neighbour. Their first ever video single, YOU, captures that familiar yet indescribable nostalgia through whimsical silhouettes, a magical vintage feel and an ethereal song.

Spending their adolescent years together in the small town of Margate, Puff Gandolfo and Daisy Emily Warne fled to the south coast of Brighton, where they joined forces with fellow multi-instrumentalist – Luke Phillips.

The creative, colourful city has evidently influenced the band because the trio have since created an entire world for their fans to explore, notably with their ever changing live performances, bizarre online media and their long running ‘bear’, ‘bones’ or ‘baby’ of the day feature via their social channels.

Us Baby Bear Bones deliver a constant supply of indie enchantment and effortless charm. If this video isn’t enough feed your grizzly appetite, perhaps a free download of their song Rain will satisfy you.

Go to: http://usbabybearbones.bandcamp.com/

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