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This week we’ve taken a slightly different direction with our music video of the week. Instead of praising all we love in a video, it’s time to take a look at one that’s a little less desirable…

Just when you think your prayers have been answered and The Wanted are finally disappearing from television and radio airplay, they resurface with a new release even more terrible than you could ever have imagined. I know what you’re thinking: surely, nothing could beat the lyrical catastrophe that was Walks like Rihanna, right? Wrong.

Yet again, the boys monotonously drone their way through another stale, lifeless track. The We Own the Night video drags us along on a night out to the pub, in which the band snog women, pretend to play instruments and drunkenly patrol the streets afterwards.

We Own the Night is reminiscent of a few football chants I’ve heard walking through Manchester on a derby day, and the majority of the songs churned out by The Wanted are not much better. They are drab and talentless, and the sooner they are chucked on the failed boyband scrapheap the better.

The end.

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