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As if Phoenix have to try to be cool. The French four-piece are the band alternative to Ryan Gosling. Cool comes naturally to them and, if you did need any proof, this new music video should be all the evidence you need.

Trying To Be Cool is the new single off their latest album Bankrupt!, and the video is in conjunction with The Creators Project, a revolutionary partnership between intel and VICE celebrating visionary artists across the board. The video, created by director collective CANADA, is filmed entirely in live full takes of the song and sees two film crews swapping shots every 25 seconds. It’s quite a feat and works amazingly! We particularly love the whole swinging sixties vibe going on and the Michael Jackson inspired body lean – jump to 1.14 for this.

Well done CANADA, well done.

‘CANADA are a group that like to keep things experimental—their music videos and commercials have a surreal and playful edge with a retro tinge, referencing classic films and mixing live-action and animation. Like their video for Justice’s “New Lands” which sees a retro-futuristic game of football being played, looked over by a robotic referee and his vintage-style computer vision.’ – The Creators Project

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