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The music video for To Die For is a surrealist simplistic pun on surgeons and sushi with a string of scarves.

Essex based quartet The Bohicas have been tipped by the BBC as one to watch in 2015. With their 90’s grunge mixed with The Vaccines vibe and the Blink-182 video humour, I’ve been won over (it may also be my love of sushi though).

A heart monitor appears on screen, the beat mimicking your heart. Next the music kicks in and the heartbeat palpitates, speeding up and changing beat.

A surrealist mixture of penknives, chopsticks, sushi and defaced lion surgeon masks give this video a simplistic yet effective edge. Insinuating the trusting relationship between patient and surgeon with a humouristic distrust and the love of childish gags. A hot female surgeon eats sushi whilst her male counterparts cut an incision on the patient…with a penknife.

A guitar is pulled out of the incision for a solo, and with it the background changes from white to black giving a tone of darkness and insanity against the cleansing white. Next there’s a scramble, as the operation ends and everything has to go back into the patient. It reeks of an unknowing relationship, yet at the same time its playful and very relaxed.

The Bohicas are on tour in the UK from May and if you like Royal Blood or The Vaccines give them a listen. They are also hitting up many a festival this summer.

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