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With many arriving late to the ‘loving Haim’ party, this song will most definitely win the hearts of any remaining haters. Taken from their soon to be released debut, Days are Gone, The Wire is a funky little number that shows exactly what the trio are made of – incase you didn’t know, it’s the stuff that makes boys cry. With a witty and wry video, that puts a new spin on all the serious, soppy ‘break-up’ videos floating about the mainstream charts, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching a rom-con gone wrong.

So if you’re tired of seeing beautiful girls weeping into their pillows and wallowing in Ben & Jerry accompanied self-pity after being dumped, never fear, Haim are the ultimate heartbreakers here. It’s a video that brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘man up’, don’t you think?

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