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Following their international hit Hey Ho, The Lumineers released their second single Stubborn Love, a melancholy song that progressively brightens towards the end. The single bought not one but two music videos with it (these lumineers are a greedy bunch!), the first of which was released in October 2012 consisting of a collection of clips from live performances and behind-the-scenes footage shot during their 2012 Big Parade tour. In February 2013 the second video was released, this time with a weighty narrative to match the mood of the song, instilling a mix of depression and optimism.

The music video centres on a young girl who goes away with her mum when her parents divorce. Travelling away from her home as the song builds, the young girl’s road trip turns from dark and stormy to bright and sunny as she rolls down the car window and lets the fresh air blow away her troubles. It’s a music video that reflects the world from a child’s perspective, revealing how quickly children bounce back from gloomy situations in the right environment.

Lovely lighting and soft focus make this video feel like something special. Watch it right to the end to fully appreciate it.

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