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This week’s music video of the week comes courtesy of alt-popsters Longfellow, a band who started 2014 with a bang and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Following on from their 2013 self-released single, Gabrielle, comes the band’s latest single Siamese Lover, a song written around of the dangers of intense relationships.

The video, directed by Steve Glashier – who has worked with big names such as Juliette Lewis and Fatboy Slim, follows the relationship of two young girls who decide to deal with a bully in their own twisted way. It’s “an exploration of people and what they will do to be together”.

With gorgeous melodies and soaring choruses, this easy-on-the-ear mix of indie and pop is just the thing to accompany the cold days, and even colder nights, that are currently upon us.

Siamese Lover is released on January 27th on Label Fandango/Fierce Panda.

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