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To mark the beginning of September our pick for music video of the week comes from Nerina Pallot with her enigmatic new single, Rousseau.

The video was shot around London and features Pallot in a slow motion, surreal journey through the city centre. Famous landmarks and masked beasts accompany the evocative and inspiring song, with Pallot ending her journey at the National Gallery in front of a Henry Rousseau painting.

Talking about the video, the British singer-songwriter said: “I wanted to make a simple, but visually sumptuous video that reflected the main inspiration behind Rousseau. So what better way than to take a journey through the city of London at dawn and end up in the National Gallery, in front of the Henri Rousseau painting, Surprised! that gave me the idea for the song in the first place.”

The single is taken from Pallot’s fifth studio album, The Sound and the Fury, marking a departure from her previous material with a bold and bluesy feel.

Pallot and her band will be playing London’s Scala on September 17, while Rousseau will be released through Idaho Records on September 11.

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