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This Liverpudlian Folktronic trio have just supported Alt-J on their recent tour and are just about to hit the road on their own. This surrealist band packs a punch with their spiralling whammy guitars, medieval synths and hypnotic beats. Rearrange is the new single from their hugely acclaimed debut album, and Jack Whitely has conceptualised the video beautifully.

Having taken a month to film and using many different locations including a disused quarry, a large warehouse and a handful of friends to volunteer, the video has an eerie psychedelic aspect to it. The video starts with a uniformed room of chairs and tables, with ladies dressed all in white arranging diamonds on the table. The ladies all carry out a choreographed movement to represent the drone of everyday working life, which works perfectly with the apocalyptic thunder drones in the music.

The tale takes a twist as the ladies march down into the diamond mine; close-ups interject with the group marching in their mining gear and then in leotards, creating a disrupted viewing for the voyeur. The greed of the diamond hunters is shown through a diamond eater, who turns their hands black with gold flecks and inducing probably the most valuable form of vomiting on the planet. The video again turns, this time using kaleidoscopic shots, heads floating in starry skies and drums with diamonds on it. It’s a fantastical video, which invokes some of the issues in our society today, such as greed and working life.

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