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At the tender age of just 18, new girl on the music scene Chloe Howl is taking the UK by storm. She’s confident, straight-talking and refreshingly normal, so it comes as no surprise that her music packs a serious indie-pop punch. Howl grew up listening to a range of artists, from The Smiths to Michael Jackson (polar opposites you might say!),  and cites her father’s love of music as a major influence on her chosen career path. If you want to know what her music sounds like imagine a cross between Kate Nash and Lily Allen with a bit of Tegan and Sara thrown in, as well as something else entirely unique too.

The video for her single Paper Heart is a upbeat number filled with bright colours and an infectious electronic/dance feel. Whilst Howl might spend the majority of the video merely strolling along with an umbrella, as other people buzz around and dance in procession, her attitude shines through and toes will tap from start to finish.

A nice colourful video to put a smile on our faces as we roll headfirst into Christmas.

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