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If there’s something we can always count on with Bastille, apart from making quality music, it’s that they’ll always create music videos that are a little different from the norm, something a bit dark and sombre and strange. This latest offering doesn’t disappoint, although those with a sensitive nature might find the video a tad disturbing.

Of The Night is a dancey number with a foot tapping beat, but it still has that familiar melancholy, anthemic sound fans have come to associate with the band. This is what makes Bastille so popular.

If the song sounds familiar to you it’s because it’s a cover/remix of Corona’s 1993 dance classic The Rhythm Of The Night, with a bit of Snap!’s Rhythm Is A Dancer thrown in at the beginning. It might not be as original as Bastille’s other tracks but when a song is this good you don’t actually care.

You can pre-order the single here.

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