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My new favourites of the moment, Arthur Beatrice, are a quartet from East London. I discovered them in my best friend’s playlist she put together to prepare us for our Great Escape adventure in Brighton in May and this band will be one of many new names playing in the pubs, bars and gig venues in this great city.

Their chilled out vibe reminds me a lot of London Grammar thanks to front woman Ella Girardot but with a male vocal presence to it by frontman Orlando Leopard. They have been dubbed as ‘the new XX’ by many ‘one to watch’ reviews available on the world wide web.

The band’s music is incredibly unique, magical and elegant. Full of soul, it’s a huge concoction of indie, dance and R&B. Pretty addictive.

The stylistically simple video for their single Midland reflects the floating elegance, passion and the push and pull of relationships through the medium of dance. The band feature in the video like they are the storytellers to what is happening before them. Their lyrics tell a darker story with a gothic feel to them, all in all creating a haunting ballad with a beat that you can’t help but play over and over.

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