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Tipped by BBC Radio 1’s Huw Steven’s as a band to watch this year, The Wonder Villains are generating a fair amount of buzz and excitement surrounding their music. Hailing from Ireland, the band have already had national radio airplay and have supported the likes of Madness and The Human League, to name but a few. Their music is a lively mix of pop, guitars and electro, with a real sense of fun shining through – this is the type of music we want to listen to as we head into Spring.

The band’s upcoming single, Marshall, is due for release on 24th March and is taken from the hotly anticipated album Rocky (out in June). It’s bouncy and youthful alt-pop at its best, the type that makes you involuntarily tap your feet. What’s nice about the Marshall video is its simplicity, expressing exactly what the band want to put across to listeners – the feeling of being young and having fun. It’s a nice move away from angst ridden songs and a cheerful move towards music that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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