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Today is a good day; brand new band, debut music video, first review and a lady in a red dress. What more could you want. Gamble Street have come out in force with their opening single, “Lucy”, off their brand spanking new self titled EP, which is out now. Lucy is not your average boy meets infatuating, yet deadly girl of his dreams; this song carries the sound of frustration provided by the lyrics and wraps it up in a powerfully rocky however catchy piece of music which has the makings of a stand out tune.

The video is based around lead singer, Nat, daydreaming about meeting his fantasy girl who’s a bit of a femme fatale. This upbeat song is full of fast paced beats with plenty of parts to rock out to, including a lovely solo, and it has a catchy chorus which is enhanced by powerful lead vocals completing the track.

This relatively new four piece alt rock band hailing from both Nottingham and London made up of Nat (Vocals + Rhythm guitar), Joe (lead guitar), Jamie (drums) and Henry (Bass guitar) have been cooking up this debut for a little while, and since coming from different geographical locations, used the little time they’ve had together to take their time and concoct an extraordinary showcase of an EP to demonstrate what they can do.

A rip-roaring debut indie rock anthem that looks effortless – if this is your kind of music I’ll be joining you in keeping an eye on this team for the future and looking forward to future music they release.

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