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Radio 1’s Huw Stevens has described them as ‘Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack’, this London duo are definitely going somewhere this year! Comprised of Hatty Taylor and Nigel Firth; they mix dirty guitar riffs with electronica overlaid with Hatty’s slightly spooky vibrato vocals over the top. The band recorded this EP to document the first two years of their life as a band, recording it on a boat, in a basement and an old temperance hall; which you could say adds to the atmosphere of the music.

This video is a very simplistic idea of using phone screens and camera screens to mix up the faces of the two band members. It works brilliantly as you see shots of Nigel mouthing the words with Hatty’s eyes adding drama to it. It’s spooky to say the least but it sticks in your head! Without those expressive eyebrows it definitely wouldn’t be as affective.  At the bridge we skip to shots of balloons on the ground with both of their faces being projected onto them, giving an 80’s vibe. This then swirls into a kaleidoscope confusing the viewer even more, the chorus kicks is, we’re back in familiar territory, the video screens are back and all is well.

The EP is out now and is called Liar Liar.

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