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Not quite the longest music video in history, though the movie-like intro might fool you into thinking it’s pretty close. Once again Swifty brings us a memorable song driven by young love and heartache, with a heavy dose of her distinctive man-hating. Love or despise her, she’s bravely taken this latest video in a different direction. It’s not as sickly sweet and pretty-pop as previous videos, something you realise from the outset, though the video clearly still sticks to her ‘men are trouble’ mantra.

The beginning of I Knew You Were Trouble plays out like a film, as a dishevelled and pseudo rock-chicky Miss Swift narrates the cinematic scene. With a lack of music for just over 2 minutes, you start to wonder if this is really a music video or if it’s in fact a misplaced entry for a micro film competition. It’s all very high-budget, soft-focus, lens-flary self-indulgence, but just as boredom is starting to set in the song starts and the end result is something to be enjoyed. The video reflects the catchy lyrics, with Reeve Carney as the love interest/trouble-maker.

Easily the best Taylor Swift music video to date (not too hard to top the others I know) which is why it deserves a little music video of the week praise.

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