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Is there any music artist alive that Ed Sheeran hasn’t written with? Apparently not. Ed has now managed to land himself a slot on Taylor Swift’s Red tour after co-writing Everything Has Changed for her latest album, and will be opening for her until the tour concludes in September. Not too shabby for a twenty-two-year-old, eh?

This cosy, summery track illuminates both Ed’s and Taylor’s ability to write nostalgic and addictive songs that you’ll be humming for weeks whether you like it or not. Many have become irritated by both artists’ incessant gloomy releases, but this collaboration is hooking in a more positive way than a skin-crawling one.

Everything Has Changed is accompanied by a cute, heart-warming video showing the school day of two children (mini versions of Ed and Taylor) playing together and creating memories. As well as pulling on the heartstrings, it allows us to float back to our own precious memories, which is where the true spark of the song lies.

Ed’s aptitude for writing raw, honest lyrics and Taylor’s splendid country twang make this a very special blend of two people’s talents.

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