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If Britain’s Got Talent taught us anything, aside from how to throw eggs at Simon Cowell, it taught us that shadow dancing is the latest phenomenon to wow audiences the world over. Laura Welsh’s video for Cold Front has spun its own shadow dance concept and it’s beautiful enough to make it this week’s music video of the week.

Shot against a minimalist white background, with a single dancer, the shadow hands manipulate the dancer’s body, twisting and pulling it around the space. Cold Front is clever and creative in its execution and should inspire dancers and artists to experiment with projection both live and within film.

Highlighting the simple effectiveness of playing with light and scale, shadow performance is something film makers and visual artists have been doing for years, though it never seems to get old or feel over used. In fact, the more the technique is used by artists, the more it reveals about what’s possible with shadow performance – and the possibilities are endless.

If you love this video and you’re a new fan of shadow dance, check out the Pilobolus shadow dance here. It will knock your socks off!


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