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A fantastic track from British rock band You Me At Six, with a unique music video accompanying it.

You Me At Six’s music videos have always had an unusual twist to them; with people sprouting from the ground in Stay With Me, someone becoming a boxer in Rescue Me, and a documentary style video for RecklessBite My Tongue portrays the darkness behind the music industry, showing lead singer, Josh Franceschi, being somewhat in control of the band. The use of the other band members being tied up, the close ups on the control panels in a recording studio and the demonising look in Josh Franceschi’s eyes show how psychopathic and controlling the band are possibly trying to portray the music industry as being. Fast editing and dark lighting are key to this theme. Oli Sykes vocals add to the aggression, resulting in him then becoming in control of the band near the end of the video. You Me At Six have used a minimalistic approach to this video, using a simple location and simple props. However, the fast editing and unusual camera angles add to the power and impact of the video.

Overall, another amazing video and song produced by You Me At Six. Hopefully another video of this quality will be produced soon!

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