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With an array of incredibly catchy songs, Aussie band San Cisco portray the tricky affair of pursuing and ‘wooing’ that special someone in this video produced for their song ‘Awkward’.

The 4 piece indie pop band have gone for simplistic cinematography in this video, using lead vocalists Jordi and Scarlett’s characters to tell the story of how not to go about pursuing a modern day relationship. With a humorous tone about it and nothing but their musical instruments to distract you from the lyrics you follow a storyboard of random images and recognisable ‘text’ bubbles of conversation which perfectly portray how modern-day relationships…and break ups…work.

The reason this video works so nicely and has got them over 5 million YouTube views is that most can relate to the over the top and ‘awkward’ pursuit of that ‘someone’ who doesn’t reciprocate said feelings. It turns those cringeworthy moments into something you can laugh about whilst tapping your feet and bopping your head to a funky track that won’t leave your head for days

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