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ian-watkinsIan Watkins has pleaded guilty to two attempted rapes on babies among a number of other sexual assaults on minors. The former Lost Prophets front man has been said to have exploited his celebrity status to abuse young fans on a number of occasions, including the offspring of two fans who also stood trial with him.

One woman of 24 and another of 22 had supposedly made their children available to the singer, who in return called them ‘superfans’. The trio stood trial together and the court heard that Watkins had planned to ‘teach’ the babies to take drugs, as well as the fact the mothers had sent images of their children to Watkins, showing that the babies were not loved. The children have been taken into custody and will be given the lives that they deserve after their horrendous ordeal. Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle described it as “the most shocking case I have ever seen” and some of the evidence was deemed too distressing to be shown in court.

‘H’ from steps unfortunately shares the same name as the ex-Lost Prophets singer and had to quit twitter this week after receiving numerous abusing tweets. Watkins’ former band mates are claiming that they know nothing of the assaults and that Watkins was a hard character to get along with.

Watkins will be sentenced on the 18th December.

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