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bpi-logoSince the 70’s (or maybe even earlier) there’s been a battle between ‘bubblegum’, manufactured pop and heavy rock.

According to industry body BPI, rock music accounted for 33.8% of album sales last year, compared with 31% for pop, which shows that rock has taken a larger percentage of the overall market.

There was a yearly drop in album sales in the UK by 6.4% to 94 million. 2013 was also the first year since the early 1980’s where no albums sold over one million copies. Most definitely a sign of the times and the ever increasing download market.

So what’s my prediction for the year ahead looking at these statistics? Well, I think that this means there’s going to be an even bigger rise in rock sales or perhaps the line between rock and pop could get thinner and thinner – resulting in more pop-rock albums. Only time will tell.

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