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the killers battle bornBrandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr have been expressing their concern with American music and the lack of will to embrace new sounds. Flowers is worried that 40-somethings are  purely listening to what’s on the radio and raising their kids on that. A tad hypocritical as I’m sure that The Killers themselves are played on the radio.

The Killers broke into the UK music scene  in 2003 and the band’s drummer,Vannucci, has said “breaking in the UK first was great because America is retarded musically”. How very patriotic.

Now the question is, could this be a publicity stunt trying to get the UK’s attention before the ‘greatest hits’ record is released? I think it is – giving us Brits a complement by saying we’re better musically than the US. It also makes me question whether the LA based band resent america for not embracing their music first. There’s definitely some underlying resentment flying around.

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