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GlastonburyAs you all know, the biggest festival in the UK doesn’t release it’s line-up until closer to the event. There are, however,  speculations about the line-up, most of which ends up to be true.

This year rumoured acts include Metallica, who could bring metal back to the pyramid stage. It’s not my cup of tea but it’s good to see metal might be back on the bill. Rock legends Led Zeppelin and ACDC are a very strong rumour, giving punters a chance to see some of rock’s greats. Kasabian have also been hinted at playing on the Sunday, which would please fans old and new.

Pop acts include Lily Allen, who confirmed in an interview that she’s playing. As we get closer to June more rumours will pop up but the question that I want to know is who’s going to headline this year’s event? I Can’t wait to find out.

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