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Eurovision 2013Here we go again with a few nuggets of news from the past week in music.

– The cheese-laden idiot-a-thon Eurovision Song Contest once again proved that millions of people across our continent are prepared to watch strange looking individuals warble their way through hours of tedious pop drivel. Denmark’s Emmilie De Forest won the competition, her song Only Teardrops fetching a sizeable 281 points, making UK entrant Bonnie Tyler look thoroughly terrible, with a feeble 23.

– Emilie Sande won big at Thursday’s Ivor Novello award ceremony, taking home two prizes, one for its musical and lyrical content, and the other for being the shortlist’s most performed work.

– Virgin Records celebrates 40 years of existence this year, and announced this week its birthday celebrations. There will be exhibitions, live events, compilations and a documentary, among other treats.

– One Direction have announced a UK tour, and will be the first boy band to headline Wembley Stadium since Bros performed in 1989. 14 dates have been announced for 2014, taking the five lads through Europe and Latin America, with more to be added soon.

– Taylor Swift enthusiast and all round great guy Kanye West fuelled speculation around releasing new material this week. West promoted his new song by projecting the video on buildings across the world. 10 cities were subjected to the song, New Slave, which comes soon after performing a new track, I Am God, in New York earlier this month. Modest.

– Justin Bieber has once again displayed how much of a colossal prat he is by leaving his pet monkey at an airport in Germany, incurring thousands of Euros in fees to the animal shelter that has been caring for it. An inside source says that Bieber felt intimidated by the primate’s superior intelligence and better taste in trousers.

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