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Telen Rodwell MillionReleased: 2013

With a four star Culturefly review already under his belt (https://culturefly.co.uk/heart-of-gold-telen-rodwell-review/), we were pleased to see a new single from Telen Rodwell in our inbox.  The Australian singer-songwriter is back with new track Mr Million Miles Away, and more or less picks up where he left off.

Once again released through Borough Records, and taken from the Shadowman album, this is similar in structure to its predecessor – a low key verse which builds to a catchy chorus – and would certainly not sound out of place on commercial radio. There’s a gloss to the track too, one that you rarely get from independent artists, that bears comparison to chart topping artists.

Perhaps the most effective thing about the track is the use of piano, reminiscent of Daniel Powter in his pomp. It’s a straightforward part on the face of it, but it’s enough of a foundation to build the entire song around it – it’s the piano that keeps the much needed momentum going, and marks this out as another decent offering from Telen Rodwell.

Mr Million Miles Away is out now through Borough Records.

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