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The-Purge-2013-Movie-– Following the huge, and rather surprising, success of the latest horror movie The Purge, producer Jason Blum has announced that a sequel will soon be going into development. Bringing in a hefty $34 million on its opening weekend alone, Universal will be pretty chuffed considering it was made for a mere $3 million.

– The first reviews for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel are out and they appear to be a mixed bunch to say the least. Whilst some have welcomed the reboot with open arms, praising the visual spectacle,  not all critics have been quite so kind. The main issue seems to surround the lack of character development, something that sadly plagues a good number of Hollywood movies these days. The Guardian’s Andrew Pulver commented on the pivotal relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane, saying “”It has to be said that the failure to cook up much in the way of meaningful interaction for the pair throughout the film’s midsection means that Man of Steel begins to labour even as the visual spectacle intensifies: no amount of whip-pans and crash-zooms, spaceship flameouts or collapsing edifices can compensate for an inert focal relationship.” Regardless, this is one reboot that movie lovers are dying to watch!

– Owen Wilson is teaming up with Jim Carrey in an as-yet untitled heist comedy from the director of Napoleon Dynamite. The story centres on an armored car driver who’s pressured into helping steal $20 million. Wilson and Carrey are a dream comedy team, so we’ve high hopes for this one.

– The Dumb and Dumber sequel we’ve all been wishing and hoping for has hit a major bump in the road and it’s unclear as to whether it will recover. The follow-up to the hit comedy, starring the aforementioned Jim Carrey and his sidekick Jeff Daniels, has been dropped by Warner Bros according to The Hollywood Reporter. Whilst this means that another studio is free to snap the project up, fans of the original will be waiting at least another couple of years before they see Carrey and Daniels reprise their roles.

– Finally, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has stirred up excitement surrounding the possibility of a Top Gun sequel. Another project that has been in the pipeline for what feels like eternity, Bruckheimer has mentioned that he’d very much like Tom Cruise to return to the skies as hero Maverick. How could Cruise pass on this opportunity?! The fans want it, Bruckheimer wants it, what more does he need to prove that a Top Gun sequel would be awesome?!

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