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ant-man-marvel– Paul Rudd has confirmed he will play Hank Pym, the title character in Edgar Wright’s latest superhero project Ant-Man. Joseph Gordon-Levitt had also been rumoured for the part but his involvement with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman has filled his schedule. The film is due for release in July 2015.

– Talking of Sandman, Gordon-Levitt has been confirmed as producer, and will likely star in the project. He has also been rumoured to be directing but so far this is yet to be confirmed.

– Anna Paquin’s performance as Rogue has been cut from X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has confirmed. The reason cited is the complicated juggling of plot threads and not down to her performance. Singer has suggested that the scene will be a bonus scene on the dvd release however.

– Jessica Lange has joined the cast of The Gambler remake. She will star opposite Mark Wahlberg as his on-screen mother in the Paramount produced film. Brie Lawson is also involved, and will be directed by Rupert Wyatt.

– Vin Diesel has joined the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy voicing the character of Groot. Diesel joins a cast including Bradley Cooper, Karen Gillan, John C. Reilly and Benicio Del Toro and is due for release August next year.

– Joaquin Phoenix has been linked to the main villain role for Batman Vs Superman, a role which could be that of Lex Luther. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but it is thought director Zack Snyder is keen on having Phoenix on board.

– Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are widely rumoured to be acting together in Go Like Hell. The film is about the competition between Ford and Ferrari during the 1966 Le Mans race. While the pairing is still just speculation at this stage, Brad Pitt has been linked to the project for a while and remains interested. The film could see the pairing reunite for the first time since Interview With The Vampire.

– Miramax has announced a string of sequels. Rounders and Shakespeare In Love will be the first to attract new stories, with Good Will Hunting also rumoured for a television series.

– Finally, James Cameron will film the three Avatar sequels in New Zealand it has been confirmed, and it’s thought to involve a tight, gruelling schedule of just nine months. The first sequel is due for December 2016, but don’t be surprised if that changes with such a tight schedule.

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