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jurassicpark4– Director Colin Trevorrow has been tweeting teaser pictures for Jurassic Park 4. His one-word caption for the tweeted pictures is simply ‘Nublar’, a not so subtle hint that the movie may be set on the original island featured in Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar.

– Kelsey Grammer has signed up for Transformers 4. He will not voice a Decepticon as many originally anticipated, but will instead play the villainous Harold Attinger. More details are yet to be confirmed, with the nature of Grammer’s role and an actually storyline yet to become apparent. The sequel is due out in June 2014.

– The Sun is reporting that a deal is done for a second Inbetweeners Movie. Officials have yet to confirm the reports, but it is thought the sequel would feature the lads backpacking in Australia. A sequel was always highly likely with writers Damon Beesely and Iain Morris having worked on ideas, and the huge box-office success of the first movie.

– A working title for Die Hard 6 has been announced. Currently titled Die Hardest, it is in the scriptwriting stage with British screenwriter Ben Trebilcook currently penning a treatment (a story which may or may not go into production). Details are scarce as expected but Trebilcook’s treatment sees the story set mostly in Tokyo.

– Ben Stiller has been in talks to direct Pinocchio, with Robert Downey Jr in a starring role. Deadline.com reports the pair have been working on some ideas since Tim Burton has passed on the opportunity to direct. The film would see the highly successful pairing reunited from Tropic Thunder.

– Director Gus Van Zant has added his name to the list of potential filmmakers to create the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey. It is believed that the Good Will Hunting director has filmed a test reel for Universal, featuring Alex Pettyfer in a steamy sex scene. The involvement of either actor or director is unconfirmed but if Van Zant should get the job, it is thought Pettyfer would be favourite to play the lead role.

– Luke Evans will head the cast in a reboot of The Crow for Relativity Media. Having originally been the first choice, his involvement came under question largely because of his jam-packed schedule for a new Dracula movie and promotional work for Fast & Furious 6. However, the studio have agreed to alter their schedule to accommodate Evans, with filming set to commence early next year.

– British cinema legend Michael Caine will once again team up with Christopher Nolan for their sixth outing together. Caine joins Mathew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway for Interstellar, Nolan’s much anticipated sci-fi movie adapted from a script originally penned by his brother Jonah.

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