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Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan

– After the Fifty Shades of Grey debacle that saw Charlie Hunnam drop out at short notice, Jamie Dornan has been confirmed as his replacement as Christian Grey. The announcement leaves little time for Dornan to prepare for shooting which begins next month.

– Robert Zemeckis has signed up to direct Marwencol, the true story of a man who recovers from the scars of war by building a one-sixth scale model of the Belgian village Marwencol. Variety have suggested that Leonardo Di Caprio could be targeted for the lead role.

– Director Roland Emmerich has confirmed that two scripts are in existence for the sequel to Independence Day – one to cover involvement for Will Smith and one in his absence. Both have been written by James Vanderbilt, although suggested things are looking good for the ‘Will Smith version’. With a release expected in July 2015, it is thought Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman will reprise their roles.

– Clive Barker has confirmed he is writing a script for a Hellraiser remake. It was thought back in 2006 that he was already working on this but has this week once again stated he is working on a remake after directing the original.

Horrible Bosses 2 may have just found its latest addition to the cast. Christoph Waltz is currently in talks to play the father of Chris Pine, with a deal expected to be inked in the coming days. It was thought Waltz would not be available when his name was mentioned before, but in hoping to top Colin Farrell’s awful boss in the first film, the Waltz/Pine father/son duo could be the highlight to the sequel.

– Ben Affleck has been recruited by Warner Bros. to direct and star in a new political thriller before he sets to work as the new Batman in Batman Vs Superman. The film centres on a a group of mercenaries hired to kill a warlord but there is currently no title or even a hint of a working title for the project. Affleck will also produce the picture alongside Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd.

– Director Antonia Bird has died aged 54. Best known for her work with Robert Carlyle on Priest, Face and Ravernous, tributes have been from Carlyle and John Simm among others.

– J J Abrams has taken over scriptwriting duties for Star Wars: Episode 7 along with producer Lawrence Kasdan. Michael Arndt had been working on the script for the last year but the script will now be finished by Abrams and Kasdan. Filming is set to begin Spring next year.

– And finally, speaking at a special screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark in LA, Veteran director Steven Speilberg has revealed he was responsible for the ridiculous atomic bomb fridge scene in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. George Lucas had previously admitted responsibility but he did also confirm that Harrison Ford was very much against the idea.

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