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finding dory– Disney has announced a complete reshuffle of its new projects. As it stands the live action Sleeping Beauty story Malificent (starring Angelina Jolie) will be released a month ahead of previous schedule in May next year, whilst two of Disney’s biggest movies have been pushed back. Finding Dory will now see a release in June 2016 a year after originally planned, as will The Good Dinosaur now due in November 2015. It means next year will not feature any new Pixar films, the first time since 2005 this has happened. Reasons for the reshuffle have yet to be revealed.

– In the latest batch of Star Wars Episode VII casting rumours, the latest names include Saoirse Ronan, Michael B Jordan, David Oyelowo and Benedict Cumberbatch (although he has publicly denied this association). In slightly more concrete news, the filming location of Las Cruces in Mexico is thought to be getting the go-ahead, possibly for Tatooine or the Sith planet of Korriban.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay has recruited the talents of Broadway star Patina Miller. She will play Commander Paylor, the leader of the District 8 rebellion. Filming is currently underway for the third film and is set to be released November next year.

– The up-coming World of Warcraft film is currently seeking lead cast members. In the frame at the moment are Colin Farrell and Paula Patton, although neither have been confirmed as of yet. The picture will be directed by Duncan James who is best known for his work Moon.

– The MGM remake of Ben-Hur has finally acquired a director. The job will go to Timur Bekmambetov who directed Wanted after much speculation surrounding his involvement. The film will be the latest in a new string of biblical epics including Ridley Scott’s Exodus, Son of God and Noah which will star Russell Crowe as the title character.

Prisoners has topped this week’s box office charts taking a neat $21.4 million.

– Jeff Bridges has been less than complimentary about his new film R.I.P.D. In an interview with GQ magazine, Bridges said ‘I was a little underwhelmed’ citing studio decisions as the reason for his less than positive outlook. The films PR gurus will probably be tearing their hair out at his admission but the honesty of his comments is refreshing to hear. The film is in cinemas now.

– Cate Blanchett is set to make her directorial debut with her adaptation of the Herman Koch novel The Dinner. Whilst this will be her first feature film in the director’s chair, she does have experience of directing plays, and is thought to be debating whether to play a lead role in the film too.

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