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Jurassic Park 4– Colin Trevorrow has insisted that Jurassic Park IV is going to be made amid increased negative speculation that it may never see the light of day. Production had been abandoned at the drop of a hat earlier this year with no explanation given, although he now states that it was to work on the script further with Steven Spielberg. The director has also hit back at suggestions it is in order to drag out his pay cheque via the Jurassic Park podcast stating ‘this is not a paycheck gig for me. It’s important for me to make a movie for the fans but I also have to remember there’s a lot of people who couldn’t care less and need to make a case for why the hell there is a Jurassic Park IV in the first place, and I want to make a movie for them too.’ The sequel is now expected sometime in 2015.

– Elsewhere in the land of movie news: despite the mass of negative press before the film had been released, World War Z has actually become Brad Pitt’s highest-grossing film, clocking up over $500 million worldwide, with that figure still rising. The film was widely expected to bomb but instead was lapped up by fans and gained favourable reviews.

– Sci-Fi director of choice Joseph Kosinski is gunning to be at the helm for Warner Bros.’ The Twilight Zone. Coming off the back of directing Tron: Legacy and Oblivion, Kosinski seems like an apt choice, especially as Twilight Zone used to be a television series and Kosinski has recently broken into feature films.

– Bradley Cooper has signed onto Red Blooded American: another Lance Armstrong biopic directed by Jay Roach for Warner Bros. It’s unclear whether he will play Armstrong or Tyler Hamilton, Armstrong’s former teammate, but female fans will no doubt be relishing the chance to see Cooper squeezing into some skin tight lycra cycling shorts.

– Colin Farrell’s new romance film Winter’s Tale has announced a release date of Valentine’s Day next year. Farrell will star opposite Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey) and will feature Akiva Goldsman in his directorial debut. Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly and William Hurt will also star in the movie.

– Seth McFarlane has tweeted recently his optimism that Ted 2 will be released April 2015 but has confirmed the studio can be no more specific than that currently. McFarlane is working on A Million Ways to Die in the West at the moment, which should hit screens in May next year.

– Latino Review has been reporting in the last week that Ewan McGregor will feature in Star Wars Episode VII. Whilst details are sketchy, there are thought to be three sources who are considered reliable. It is unclear whether these rumours do amount to any substance however, or whether McGregor would be as a ghost or given the aged treatment. Watch this space for more on the McGregor story!

– Anchorman hero Ron Burgundy is set to release his own (fictional) biography. Titled LET ME OFF AT THE TOP!: My Classy Life and Other Musings, the book will be released in November, just a month before Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues comes out.

– And the final stop on this week’s rumour express surrounds the whopping pay packet that has reportedly been offered to Christian Bale to return as Batman in Batman Vs Superman. $50 million dollars is the speculated sum, despite the fact that Bale has publically stated that he has finished in the Batman role. There is, as you would expect, no grounded basis for these reports at the moment, but if there is one thing Hollywood casting relies on, it is romantic speculation of favourite heroes and villains!

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