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benaffleck– After much speculation around the identity of the latest caped crusader, Ben Affleck has been confirmed to be the new Batman for Man of Steel 2. The official press release says that Affleck’s Batman will be ‘a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter’. The idea of a world weary Batman makes for an interesting idea, and probably a wise departure from Christian Bale’s Batman Begins origin story. Opinion has been divided, largely due to the critically panned Daredevil which was Affleck’s last time in a comic book movie but needless to say he will be a worthy addition to the Man of Steel crew.

– In other news, the cash-cow franchise Fast & Furious has added Tony Jaa, star of Ong-Bak to the cast in an as-yet unspecified role. The usual stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson will return for the sequel of the series that just won’t die. July 2014 is the official release date.

– British cinematographer Gilbert Taylor has died aged 99. He was best known for achieving the visuals on the original Star Wars movie, but has worked with legends all across the business including Roman Polanski, and Alfred Hitchcock.

– Don Jon, the directorial debut for Joseph Gordon-Levitt will star Levitt, Julianne Moore and Scarlet Johansson and opens in September. It charts the story of a Don Juan character who attempts to reform his character in the thought-provoking comedy.

– Despicable Me 2 has become the highest grossing animated film of the year, raking in $800 million dollars so far, with that figure still rising. It has fought off stiff competition from Planes and Monsters University.

– It was perhaps inevitable, but a female Expendables spin-off has been approved and is currently casting. On the bill so far are Gina Carano and Katee Sackhoff, with Sharni Vinson also having joined this week. With a film of the Expendable calibre, we’re expecting lots of witty dialogue and detailed plot lines…possibly.

– Jim Field Smith has been confirmed as the director for the American remake of The Inbetweeners Movie. Here’s hoping it won’t be as bad as the remake of the original TV series.

– Chris Carter, the creative mind behind The X-Files is optimistic of a third movie being gree-lighted. He has stated that he has an idea but that it is all about whether 20th Century Fox want another movie. If a third movie were to be made, it is thought there could be a part for super-fan Simon Pegg.

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