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Movie 43

Movie 43

movie 432013

Genre: Comedy

Directed by: Bob Odenkirt et al.

Starring: Emma Stone, Richard Gere, Hugh Jackman

Don’t worry, no one hit you over the head and made you see treble stars instead of one. I’m actually giving Movie 43 three stars. Even though it looks like it’s going to be one of the biggest turkeys since Mars Needs Moms, I actually found myself enjoying this film on a crass childish level. It kind of spoke to the 14 year-old within and I noticed that a lot of people were laughing at it in the (small) cinema I viewed it in.

The film takes the form of a series of sketches (with a huge selection of famous faces) knitted together around a loose storyline, which involved a trio of kids looking for a fabled movie 43 on the Internet. Along the way they come across a bunch of other videos that frame the different comedy routines. This film isn’t going to be winning any Oscars and many of the jokes veer on the puerile side, but it kept me amused for an hour and a half, which is more then I can say for a lot of comedies. But then again I liked John Carter and Prometheus so what do I know?

P.S Look out for the sketch with Anna Faris, it involves sexual pooping and it actually made me gag for the first time watching a movie (and to think I watched Letters to Juliet without gagging once).


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