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Morning Glories Vol.1

Morning Glories Vol.1

morning-glories-volume-oneGraphic Novel
Created by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma
Published by Image Comics
Monthly ongoing series (Issue #1 August 2010)

You thought you knew prep school drama? Well, Gossip Girl and 90210 didn’t prepare you for this. Morning Glories, a less dangerous title to search than you’d have thought, is an ongoing graphic novel/comic book series that mixes action, adventure and drama with the most unexpected, riveting and twisted twists.

Set in the fictional, we can only hope, Morning Glory Academy, it follows six students who have just been accepted into one of the most prestigious schools around. It’s a school that doesn’t teach by conventional means, which may just be the understatement of the year. Students are forced to abandon almost all of their belongings and cut off contact with their families in order to better acclimatise.

This is one of the most compelling series around. The issues tend to tell the part of the story from one characters perspective, but the writing is planned and careful and the stories weave together better than you could have hoped. Fair warning that this series if not for the squeamish and there are definite moments of gore, properly placed for shock value, that are very much part of the story. You’ll be compelled to read issue after issue but it’s worth buying this first volume to get a taste of what might haunt you.

The story will speak for itself and any review worth reading won’t give any more away than this. Whether you’re a fan of graphic novels or not – if you like action, mystery and some stunning artwork, then pick this graphic novel up.

(In case you were wondering, Morning Glories refer to the purple flowers that mark each chapter/issue of the book.)

Artist and co-creator Joe Eisma also post soundtracks for the volumes via his Twitter @SupaJoe


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