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With a summer so desperately in need of a boost, Moodbay is proving to be just the ticket. With their upcoming release ‘Like Nobody Else’ launching itself onto our airwaves this July, the dynamic duo provides yet another summer anthem. The virtuosic pair is made up of producer-songwriter Alfie Cattell, harking from North Wales, and vocalist-songwriter Anna Stephens, representing the musical hub of the North East. With Alfie’s genius as the driving force behind Anna’s intoxicating vocals, Moodbay is proving to be a revolutionary treat within popular music. Self-professedly describing their music as ‘moodpop,’ Moodbay intricately weave a range of genres together, spanning from RnB to classical, resulting in a well-crafted musical tapestry. Their unusual shade of ‘electropop’ reflects a fresh sound monopolising the charts this summer — uplifting, cutting-edge and utterly infectious.

This innovation is not going unnoticed, with their debut release ‘Listen Up’ gaining great success, Moodbay are already making waves in an incredibly saturated pool. Described as a “startling debut” by the legendary BBC DJ Janice Long, as well as securing a Top Ten place in the National UK Music Week Club Chart, Moodbay has secured their place as one of the most insurgent and unmissable acts rising up this year. Their next single ‘Alone’ — a synth-abundant, hauntingly melancholic musical journey— gained just as much traction, accumulating radio play in over sixty radio stations. With the same production prowess and vocal ingenuity, their upcoming release ‘Like Nobody Else’ is set to supplant these successes.

The divine lyricism within ‘Like Nobody Else’ was birthed out of Anna’s connection to Botticelli’s statue of Venus. The “beautiful human essence” transfixed the singer and resident poet, manifesting into the dreamlike summer sound that defines the duo’s upcoming single. Alfie’s production expertise is increasingly evident throughout the two minute and forty-second quest through the duo’s collective talents. With ’80s influenced synths, masterfully manipulated vocal samples and a pounding drum line, Alfie creates a lush electronic landscape skilfully supporting Anna’s commanding vocal line and lyrics. With a chorus so catchy you’ll be humming to yourself all day, Moodbay’s electropop anthem is a perfect blend of familiar sounds and innovative production. With a BBC 3 radio producer already announcing its daytime radio potential, it’s of no doubt Moodbay’s new single will be dominating the airwaves this summer, and with an anthem so rich with the carefree excitement we all need a taste of after months stuck at home, we can only be thankful. It’s evident this summer will be a pivotal chapter in Moodbay’s story and rightfully so. After all, they really are like nobody else.

‘Like Nobody Else’ is out 24 July 2020 on all major streaming and digital platforms.

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