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ABOUT-TIME-While film fans the world over continue to inexplicably cry in to their comic books over the casting of Batfleck (and I cry over this horrible example of word blending), it’s time to once again look ahead to the month’s upcoming releases at your local cinema. After the heady excitement of the blockbuster season, it’s time to slow the pace with some drama & romance… or if you need another action fix, Jeff Bridges fights zombies!

About Time (Dir. Richard Curtis) – It’s been 10 years since Richard Curtis last directed a romantic comedy so it’s high time the king of British rom-com gave us a new couple to root for. The couple in question is Tim & Mary who, of course, meet and fall in love. However, Tim has the ability to time travel, which he uses to make sure every aspect of his relationship is perfect. The more he time travels though, the more risk he takes of travelling too far back and loosing everything he has. Boasting performances from Bill Nighy, Domhnall Gleeson & Rachel McAdams, Richard Curtis’s latest rom-com opens Wednesday… and not a moment too soon (geddit).

Rush (Dir. Ron Howard) – The rivalry between F1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda is the stuff of legend and who better to bring it to the screen than the man who so vividly and memorably dramatized the Apollo 13 disaster. Directed by Ron Howard and starring Chris “Thor” Hemsworth as Hunt & Daniel Brühl as Lauda, Rush recreates the pair’s merciless battle for racing supremacy in the 70s, which culminated in the infamous season of 76. Watch it & then watch Senna for the ultimate rush!

Diana (Dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel) – She was the People’s Princess but how much did we really know about her? With Naomi Watts in the title role, Diana explores the Princess’s relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Kahn, whom many friends of the Princess declared was the love of her life. Penned by Stephan Jeffreys, who wrote both the play and screenplay for the wonderful Libertine back in 2004, Diana will bring to life a lady who was determined to give something back & whose life we only really knew from what the tabloids told us.

R.I.P.D (Dir. Robert Schwentke) – Based on a 90s comic and starring Jeff Bridges as a law man trying to make sure the dead stay dead, R.I.P.D may not be the most sophisticated film you see in September but it may be the most fun. Director Schwentke knows how to blend action with comedy, as his last film – RED – proved and with the addition of screen legend Bridges in the lead role, there’s more hope than you would initially expect for this supernatural action comedy.

Blue Jasmine (Dir. Woody Allen) – Having explored the beautiful vistas of Barcelona, Rome & Paris in his last 3 films, Woody Allen returns to America, specifically the dizzying beauty of San Francisco for this tale a socialite’s crises. Allen has always been at his best when exploring human conflict and this tale of sibling reconnection, starring Cate Blanchett & Sally Hawkins is likely to have you both smiling and sobbing. Ensure you catch it when it opens on September 27th.   

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