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gravity-posterAfter the release of the sensationally nerve-shredding Captain Phillips last month, November offers cinemagoers the opportunity to see more of the fantastic films that took London by storm during this year’s film festival, including the highly anticipated directorial debut by Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Alfonso Cuaron’s latest mind-blowing drama. Then there’s Ridley Scott’s latest thriller, penned by master scribe Cormac McCarthy, and the opportunity to see Richard E. Grant in a (now) rare central role, playing alongside Jude Law.

Gravity (Dir. Alfonso Cuaron): Released Nov. 8th –  Having taken over 4 years to bring to the screen, Gravity may well be the closest many of us ever get, or ever want to get, to experiencing Space! Exploring the theory put forward by scientist Donald J. Kessler, the film follows a pair of astronauts who find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive after their shuttle is destroyed. Having already astounded audiences with its incredible effects and astonishing performances from stars George Clooney & Sandra Bullock, Gravity will doubtless amaze you to when it’s released on November 8th.

The Counselor (Dir. Ridley Scott): Released Nov. 15th – After the disappointment of Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s latest has a lot of weight resting on its shoulders. It certainly has flawless credentials, with Cormac McCarthy on writing duties & Michael Fassbender starring as the eponymous lawman that finds himself in way over his head with the deadly business of the Mexican drug cartels. With a cream of acting talent, including Javier Bardem sporting another career-defining haircut & outfit, supporting Fassbender, The Counselor has more than enough potential to put Scott’s name back on top.

Dom Hemingway (Dir. Richard Shepard): Released Nov. 15th – Jude Law as a mutton chopped gangster with a cockney accent; it sounds ridiculous & yet it may just work. Law’s titular Hemingway is released from jail after 12 years & sets about looking to claim the loot he’s owed for his silence, with the help of his partner Dickie, played with relish by the wonderful Richard E Grant. Promising the similar blackly comic laughs that made Filth such a delight, Dom Hemingway may well prove a defining moment in Jude Law’s career.

Don Jon (Dir. Joseph Gordon-Levitt): Released Nov.15th – Taking on writing, acting & directing duties for his directorial debut, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s tale is a love story with a twist. Jon is an Italian American who loves his family, his mates & his ladies. He spends his days hitting the gym & his nights indulging in hardcore pornography. However, when he meets Barbara, Jon finally sees an opportunity to settle down, until she discovers his lurid addiction. With the stunning Scarlett Johansson taking on the role of Barbara, opposite Gordon-Levitt’s Jon, Don Jon’s examination of a subject generally considered taboo may reveal Gordon-Levitt to be an astonishing talent both in front of & behind the camera.

Saving Mr. Banks (Dir. John Lee Hancock): Released Nov.29th – An exploration of how Walt Disney, one of the cinema’s greatest visionaries, locked horns with British author P.L. Travers to try and convince her to allow the House of Mouse to adapt her novel Mary Poppins on the big screen. Choosing to focus on a small occurrence of Walt’s life, director Hancock will be hoping to create an in-depth study of Mr. Disney, who’s played by Tom Hanks. Saving Mr. Banks was met with rapturous applause when it closed the London Film Festival in October and you’ll be able to see why when it’s released at the end of the month.

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